Pessoal, acabo de receber notícias fresquinhas de Madri sobre o MBA Tournament deste ano. Ficamos em 1º lugar em nossa categoria e 5º no ranking geral. Nos próximos dias comento quais foram os brasileiros de maior destaque. Segue a nota:
Madrid, June 2005. In May students from the Instituto de Empresa International MBA participated in the fifteenth edition of the MBA tournament organised by HEC school of Management in Paris.
This year, this international competition for MBA students brought together some 1,800 students from 14 international business schools, that demonstrated their sporting skills in more than 25 specialties.
HEC introduced a new global point system, dividing schools into two categories: schools with more than 125 participants â?? generally speaking students on two-year MBA programmes -, and schools with smaller delegations. Instituto de Empresa demonstrated extraordinary sporting abilities this year, coming number 1 in its category, and fifth in the overall ranking.
The Director of IE’s International Student Office, Margarita Alonso, described how “students have come back form Paris exhausted but happy with their excellent results”. Claudia Jiménez Weil (IMBA05) and Pamela Tánchez (IMBA05) the coordinators of the IE delegation, said that “the most important thing had been the marvellous opportunity to do networking among ourselves and with students from other business schools”.
This year IE students participated in the search for sponsors for the tournament, led by Gregor Minder (IMBA05). The unconditional support of KYOCERA, whose Director General, Oscar Sánchez (IMBA05) gave his personal support to the project, played a key role in enabling more than 150 IE sportsmen and women to compete in Paris.
The IE darts team, comprising Pablo Divasson (IMBA05) Guy Richard Taylor (IMBA05), Miguel Morenés (IMBA05) and Oliver Seldon (IMBA05), achieved the first prize in the darts competition.
The salsa, rowing, golf, line skating and tennis teams achieved second position in their respective events. The IE salsa team was led by Tesia Hostetler (IMBA05), comprised of students from the US, Germany and Brazil. The golf team, coordinated by Petter Solberg (IMBA05) gave an excellent performance, as did the line skating team under the captainship of Henry Kalbe (IMBA05), and the tennis team, led by Carlos Tejerizo (IMBA05), who played their final game against an ATP champion. The rowing team also performed extremely well under the leadership of Daniel Alves (IMBA05).
Other notable results include the third positions obtained by the sailing, beach volley, squash and athletics teams, captained by Nils Bjerregaard (IMBA05), Marco de Modesti (IMBA05), Regis Morel (IMBA05) and Chris Kozup, respectively, with a special mention for Claudia Kaisser (IMBA05), who won the women’s athletics event.