IE Instituto de Empresa Annual Alumni Conference: Creating Value
“Your future depends entirely on your capacity to create value”
On November 25 IE Instituto de Empresa will hold its Annual Alumni Conference, the most important networking and training event of the academic year.
Our proposal for this year: Creating Value
– Creating value for the client
Carl Henric Svanberg
President of Ericsson.
– Building customer loyalty to create value
Andreas Weigend
Professor of Statistics at Stanford University, former Chief Scientist at Amazon and Chief Strategist at MusicStrands.
– Creating value for your business through strategy
Richard D’Aveni
Professor at Dartmouth’s Amos Tuck School of Business, and author of Hypercompetition.
– Creating value for your environment and for society
Hernando de Soto
Founder of Instituto Libertad y Democracia. Named by Forbes magazine as one of the 15 people in the world who has reinvented the world.
And there’s more” Javier Monzón, President of Indra; Mario Armero, President of GE España; Giuseppe Tringali, CEO of Grupo Tele5; Juan Pedro Hernández President of P&G España y Portugal; David Morley, Partner/Director of Allen & Overy; Joan David GrimÁ , Vice President and CEO of Auna; José Manuel de Lorenzo, President of Drive group” All these key players in the corporate world have an opinion about strategies for value creation, and they will be sharing them with us at our conference.
Create value for yourself, through training and networking
In order to create value for your life through your work you have to be open to your environment and to the technological changes taking place. You also have to undergo continuous training. One of the best ways to do this is to attend the IE Alumni Conference, where you will learn about emerging trends, some of which will be heard about for the first time in Spain at this event. It is also a fantastic opportunity to meet up with colleagues and friends from IE, who are, without doubt, your best asset.
Last year the conference was attended by almost one thousand alumni. It is the most important IE network and training event of the year.