Paul Saffo: What to expect to 2016

I took this interview from the intranet of the IIM Indian Institute of Management alumni Club in India. In the end of 2005 the analyst Tim Beyers spoke with Paul Saffo, director of the Institute for the Future, about what to expect in 2016. Some of the keywords are: robotics, social networks, green movements, spanish language in America, open source softwares, Asian manufacturing…

Tim Beyers: Paul, thanks very much for making time today. Before we get started I’d appreciate it if you’d give us an introduction to what you do and how you do it.
Paul Saffo: Sure. I am a long-range forecaster.
Tim Beyers: What does that mean, exactly?
Paul Saffo: I don’t predict; rather, my focus is about understanding uncertainty and translating uncertainty into a meaningful view of what may lie ahead. The Institute is a 35-year-old research foundation dedicated to long-range forecasting and, in particular, the intersection of technology and its impact on society. So, I do spend a lot of time looking at technology, though it is not my exclusive focus.