Based on the Recruiter Survey 2006 (QS Research)
MBA salaries are on the increase in almost every country in the world. As demand for MBAs surges in consulting and financial services, recruiters must compete on salary to secure their preferred candidates. Andre Sieger, MBA Recruiter at Hilti, has found this year that the “highly competitive market has driven compensation insane.”
In 2006, average MBA salaries have increased by a massive 7.5% (a full 5% ahead of the average OECD inflation rate), compared to a total increase in MBA salaries of 39% in the previous ten years. MBA salaries are now well in excess of the pre-downturn levels of 2001 with a US-European average of US$90,250 (US$ 84,500). This increase reflects a high level of optimism amongst MBA recruiters and increased competition for the top talent.
Global employers pay the most
Global recruiters (those MBA employers which have adopted a global approach to MBA recruiting) reported a higher than average salary of $95,900.
Many multinational companies co-ordinate recruitment on a global level, and do not want to drive top candidates away from key geographies because of a salary differential. As international companies set up operations in emerging markets, they are increasingly willing to pay more for MBAs, who they see as critical for building a foothold in each region.
These companies represent an elite cadre of employers who seek MBAs worldwide and are willing to pay a premium to attract the best candidates. They are made up not just of banks and consulting firms, but also healthcare and some manufacturing, technology and service companies.
Regional Salaries
Regional and local North American recruiters reported an average of $89,700, Western European recruiters reported an average of US$91,400 (this is the first time European MBA salaries have exceeded North American salaries, though the figure has been boosted slightly in dollar terms by the weakening dollar exchange rate). Eastern European recruiters reported an average of $63,200, Latin American recruiters reported an average of $62,500 and Asia-Pacific recruiters reported an average of $67,600.
By Nunzio Quacquarelli, TopMBA Newsletter July 2006.