Estos son los nuevos Masters que se imparten en el Instituto de Empresa. Son programas en formato online, de 13 meses de duración, los tres en inglés:
The last few decades have seen extraordinary advances in the biotechnology sector. The Master in Biotechnology Management trains future leaders in this emerging industrial sector. It equips them with the knowledge, skills and tools required to meet the challenges in creating and managing firms that operate in this profoundly innovative and highly competitive environment, where the use of extremely sophisticated technology ensures constant evolution. The Master in Biotechnology Management furnishes students with an integrative vision comprising not only purely scientific, technical, financial, and administrative factors, but also a commitment to socially responsible entrepreneurship.
The Master in Sports Management provides the skills and knowledge you need to successfully meet the challenges facing the broad spectrum of national and international organizations in the sporting industry: teams, clubs, professional leagues, health and fitness centers; sports marketing companies in areas such as sports advertising, sponsorship and licensing, representation of athletes, managing sports facilities and events; and investors and promoters, to name just a few.
Digital Advertising
The Master in Digital Advertising and Communication centers on the pivotal role of the internet in developing relationships between firms and clients, providing a vision that takes you far beyond traditional interruption marketing techniques. The focus here is on the kind of approach that will dominate in terms of advertising in the future, approaches that very few professionals will be capable of adopting.
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