Por Carlos Andrés Maldonado. IMBA 2010 – Colombia

As Marx predicted, Capitalism has made most companies ambitions of infinite grow bring the worst recession of the last 100 years, with an additional huge impact in the environment. Nevertheless we must analyze this impact taking into account the sustainability of a economy of 6.5 billion people without this consumerism, the advance in biodegradable materials and new production processes, a new industry of recycling and the need that people have in poor and developing countries for second hand products.

Banks and companies have brought the worst crisis of the history, because the ambitions of the heads of these institutions unleashed an irresponsible consumerist, people buy products they don’t need with money they don’t have. In addition, second hand products usually are thrown in the dump and environment needs centuries to destroy them. On the other hand 6.5 billion people need a new form of this consumerist if they want to have a work, but this new Capitalism must be responsible. Responsible means developing new biodegradable material, new production and transport processes, create a new recycle industry that is going to give employment to many people and the most important this consumerist is exclusive of developed countries and wealthy people in developing countries, that means we need to facilitate the process to bring this second hand products to the people that can’t afford them.

Fortunately I’m in the optimistic group because I have seen in the last 3 years more environmental conscious in some companies and in some governments (Google, Apple, Osama’s Administration) I know is not enough but is a trend, and we have the capacity and the technology to do that changes.

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