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By Ashley Hobb

Despite the significant number of female prime ministers in Latin America, there are substantial limitations in the general economic opportunities for women.  This is the message in a recent article published by the Inter-American Dialogue. The article suggests that some of the barriers facing women entering the workforce are policy-driven and some are societal.  Some of these challenges include “the relatively low number of women in parliament, high rates of gender-based violence and high rates of teen pregnancy”.

However, the article also offers promising news.  There have been changes towards a more gender-equal regulatory and legislative framework. Additionally, with the influx of women entering the labor force, women are looking to each other for support. Networks and partnerships are helping women find opportunities in entrepreneurship and navigate the complexities of starting a business.

The article quotes the 2012 World Bank’s World Development Report to suggest ways to improve economic opportunities for women in Latin America:

“Supporting flexible working conditions and helping women with their care responsibilities, expanding women’s ability to work in nontraditional and high-growth sectors through vocational training, expanding female networks and addressing issues related to teen pregnancy and gender based violence.”


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